FAQ, часто задаваемые вопросы. Photographer/Retoucher Lilith Esmont

How to get ready for the photoshoot?

  • Need to choose wardrobe, accessories, hair style and make up correctly. The details are VERY important because of the output in quality of the person’s look. Outfit should be clean, ironed and hair should be clean. (Prepare the props if needed)

Preferable to consult with a photographer (and stylist if possible) to create the quality look which will match the location and chosen style of photoshoot.

  • Location needs to be chosen (outdoor, indoor or studio)
  • You don’t have to be stressed about time, just relax and enjoy the process, cause our goal is quality, not the marathon to win the race.
  • Full payment to be charged on the same day of the photoshoot.
FAQ, часто задаваемые вопросы. Photographer/Retoucher Lilith Esmont

Customers will get only ready retouched photos.

Why do I give only edited images?

Because of the PROFESSIONAL DIGITAL CAMERA giving us the RAW file that contains lots of information inside (like a puzzle that you have to collect in the right way to make it looks right. You can’t shoot with a digital camera — collect half puzzle without editing — collecting another half).

Editing includes:

-Skin retouching (blemishes removal, smoothening, etc.)

-Color correction-Tone correction-Shadows drawing (giving more volume to picture)

-Background enhancement (solid color replacement, extending)

-Figure correction (including weight reduction)

-Small objects removing

Quality is more important than Quantity, less amount of photos means extra attention to detail and a better finished product.

⚠️For those who still want to get ALL not edited images from the photoshoot — the price for all raw files will be equal to the actual photoshoot price. (not less than 270 dollar or 1000 AED in case of promotions for shooting) and added on top of the photoshoot price.

For those who want to get small amount of pictures without processing the postproduction for their own use — the price will be same as postproduction for same amount of pictures. (price for 10 photo without postproduction will be same as for 10 photo with full postproduction). Also you will have no rights to mention my name if you make postproduction by yourself.

FAQ, часто задаваемые вопросы. Photographer/Retoucher Lilith Esmont

What are you paying for when you order a professional photographer?

The main majority of people can not even imagine how much time, power, health, and costs! It takes to be a professional photographer…

Let’s start from the timing: for example, let’s take a regular 1-hour photoshoot which will bring you at the end 10 fully edited photos (with retouch, light/shadows drawing- volume, color correction, defects removal, etc). Editing of EACH! picture takes MINIMUM! 1,5−2 hour in case if there was good light, the model has good skin and figure, if there are no objects or people on a background that need to be removed accurately- in all other cases it takes much more time. So basically one regular photoshoot takes approx 3 standard working days or more. (by the law one working day is 8 hours) So now count how much does the photographer earns per working day… got creepy, right?

Now let’s talk about costs… just the very very basic things like camera, 1 lens, laptop that able to handle work with graphic, graphic tablet, tripod … the costs of all of it at least $ 7000 and up. and it’s not one-time investment, it has to be renewed, and it’s only the very basic! Now let’s get back to the amount that the photographer earns per working day… got more creepy, right?

Now let’s get to the mental part… when photographer helps you to chose the outfit, to take the pose, to get relaxed and comfort while shooting, to handle your caprice and when you «know everything better» than photographer, who’s job it’s actually is (don't forget about years of practice), spend time on a road and selecting the best photos…

Now count again…
Do you really still think that the rate for a professional photographer is high?
Or you’ve got shocked how much less the photographer really earns considering the amount of job, spends and other conditions?